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starting at just $50/hour or just $80 per page for a 5 page site

We work with WordPress & Shopify too!



Signed up with a free website with Wix ?  Even though it was exciting then, by now the shiny object has turned dull. The jets have sort of cooled off and now building your own website just seems like one more chore on the list of getting your business together.

Are you ready to just move forward already? Beat the website anxiety and start making sales through this baby?

I’ve helped dozens of clients to complete their website using the Wix web design platform. It’s low cost, easy to use and all yours to update once we’re done. Send me a message now and let’s talk about getting your website published on Wix

Jessica C Mays

Founder, Mays Marketing Technologies

All your bases are covered

Beyond design, we equip your website with the power of SEO + Ecommerce + Email


How does this work?:

1. Sign up here for Wix, if you have not already and select a premium plan

2. Send us a message or give us a call to let us know you have a Wix account

3. After a quick chat about your needs, your business & your website, leave a deposit to hire us


Web Design

We will customize any of the Wix templates you choose


All of your web pages will have complete SEO done on them to ensure you rank higher in Google search results


Selling products? Booking appointments? Manage your sales and appointments from within your Wix site

Social Media

Push your website visitors to your social media pages

Email Opt-Ins

Want to grow a newsletter list? We will design an opt-in to grab users attention


App Installation

We will configure any extra applications you’ll need to make your website run right. Premium application fees not included

We have experience, skill and repetition on our side

Since my team and I began designing websites back in 1999, we’ve completed hundreds of designs across evolving platforms and adapting each time to new technology, new trends and new practices set in place by the world’s largest search engines. With us, you win. Our time, experience and skill on your side.

The entire office was thrilled we had finally gotten our website online!

New orders started coming through our website that night. Jessica and the design team were great to work with.
N. Padilla, Coastal Pool Supplies

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