Worried you are missing opportunities?

  • Online shoppers compare products and services through the help of search engines
  • Search engine traffic accounts for over 64% of all organic website traffic
  • The first 5 results receive over 75% of all clicks
  • 85% of people never click off of page 1
  • People who search for a product or service are often ready or nearly ready to purchase!

The search engines are our customer’s yellow pages. They do us the favor of serving our website links up to shoppers who have something in mind; a purchase.

Usually, websites do best in search engines when the site has been written with a Buyer’s Focus in mind. This is because when you think of your buyers, you can start  to imagine what words they would use in their search to find your product or business.

Considering your buyers and their habits will help you to write website content that performs well in the search engines and improves your conversions or build your contact databases.

There are technical aspects, too, for Search Engine Optimization of your WordPress or other html website. It involves adding key terms and rich detail to your site’s meta tags and description for each page of your site.

Clear details about your products, services and location will help your website to outrank competitors websites in the search results because of the value you add for the audience.

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