WordPress Web Design

CLIENT: V.I.B.E. Athletics SKILLS: WordPress, HTML5, Logo Design

Custom Graphics

We designed custom banners and website elements to enhance the navigation visitor experience while on site

Website Redesign

After careful evaluation of the business was complete, a total website redesign went underway

Online Forms Create Convenience

Easy access to registration forms means that participants don’t have to track down paperwork and spend less time getting prepared

Online Payments

Allowing the website to accept online payments prior to registration means that this business owner no longer has to hunt down deposits. No registration without payment. Simple.
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The Challenge

As V.I.B.E. Athletics entered into their 2nd decade of sports and academic leadership, the founder sought out Mays Marketing Technologies to enhance the overall look and feel of the website. The previous website was hard to update and didn’t accept online registrations or payments, leaving the owner to hunt to down paperwork and missing payments from partcipants

The Technology

We built this website on an intuitive and easy to use CMS application that will allow the website’s owner to contribute to a living blog, add new pictures and upload relevant content for it’s visitors without the need to know programming. The online registration feature will notify the owner of all new registrations and payments, alerting them to a complete purchase without ever having to sort through paperwork.
Website forms are gathered and collected using Google Forms and Google Docs applications.

The Results




Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

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