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You’ve got all of these business ideas stirring in your head, taking up all your available memory & feel like it’s just time to get the gears into action

Literally, it’s time to get a move on the plans that could change your life and make more of your dreams into a reality

Our Project Planner will help you organize your ideas & set realistic goals and expectations of your business marketing plans so you can grow confidently. Once you submit it, I will personally help you to plan out a growth blueprint that brings out your unique story & brand. Through digital marketing technologies, you’ll learn how to introduce your business to thousands of your desired customers, get more word of mouth referrals & skyrocket your sales


I’m Jessica Mays, Director and Lead Digital Marketing Consultant to small business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world. Together, my highly specialized team and I build attractive, effective automated marketing systems for your business that will help you attract desired customers, skyrocket sales & build a memorable brand

I have watched countless entrepreneurs flourish and successfully launch from working with a marketing adviser or consultant. By sharing your Project Planner with me, I’ll be able to help you plan out the next steps of growing your business  – with no obligation to hire us. You’re free to take my advice and run with it or take a look at our programs and retain our genius all for yourselves  =)

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Client Success!

My experience with Mays Marketing Technologies® has really helped my business structure in a way that’s allowing me to take my internet and social media presence to the next level and easily turn my 1 1/2 year old personal/online training business into a six-figure enterprise. I had little knowledge on how to market, but Jessica has coached me on mastering the tools needed for effective marketing schemes such as attention grabbing LBO’s and creating the very important funnel dynamic needed for client retention. She’s my go-to person anytime I have questions and need answers. Definitely a master in her craft.

Gabriel Gordon

Certified Personal Trainer, Doomsday Fitness Experience LLC

Jessica not only supplied me with a very modern and impressive website, she helped me develop creative ways to generate more leads 24/7 through my website and social media. Her services were well worth the investment and have paid for themselves many times over.

Marques Strickland

Realtor®, Homes By Marques

All I wanted was for my company to rank at the top of search engines for the keywords we needed to make sales. Mays Marketing Technologies did it! We are so grateful for the work Jessica and her team have done for us. We will definitely come back with any future projects!

Orrett Williams

Certified Epoxy Installer, Everything Epoxy Installation

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